Tereza Darmovzalová: In Light of Controlled Events

Date: 06.05.2021 — 30.05.2021
Beginning: 19:00

Opening hours: Wednesday – Sunday,  11am to 19pm

Curator: Markéta Jonášová

In her exhibition at etc. gallery, audiovisual artist Tereza Darmovzalová presents an immersive video installation that invites us to search for links between plant growing, technological progress, and the culture of work in capitalism. A visual collage of images of unified growrooms, decorative gardens, and visualisations of interior spaces is complemented by a dialogue between a worker at a vegetable-producing greenhouse and a botanical garden employee, in which both characters plan to effect a radical change on the basis of indiscernible changes. Although it seems that their plans aim at the future, familiar images from the present challenge this temporal horizon and uncover the features of a revolution we become part of.

The project was financially supported by the Prague City Hall,  Ministry of Culture of the Czech Republic and State Cultural Fund.