Lucie Rosenfeldová a Matěj Pavlík: Technology of the Self-Touching of the Eye


Date: 01.07.2021 — 25.07.2021

exhibition opening: 1. 7. 2021
opening hours: Wednesday – Sunday, 11 am – 7 pm

curator: Tomáš Kajánek

Solo exhibition of Lucie Rosenfeldová and Matěj Pavlík

Two-channel video installation by Lucie Rosenfeldová and Matěj Pavlík presents the phenomenon known as phosphenes or internal sight. The artists expose this phenomenon to the historical perspective of Western scientific knowledge, focusing on the forms of imagination of the body and corporeality it can serve to establish. In their videos, they attempt to propose an imagination that takes a critical stance towards the relics of the Western natural sciences.

If we look in the mirror to see our eyes, which only a moment ago showed flashes of the light behind our eyelids, we discover that theories of internal light are misguided. If we mark discharges of light following eye irritation into a protocol, we have set the laboratory conditions of our own imagination.

Financial support was provided by the Ministry of Culture of the Czech Republic and Prague City Hall.