Politics of Truth III – Image of the Other (videos screening)


Date: 12.06.2018
Beginning: 19:00

Politics of Truth III – Image of the Other

Who is our „other“? And how does the camera work with his/her/their image? The third chapter of The Politics of Truth research project focuses on the intersections between documentary approaches and contemporary postcolonial thinking. Instead of describing postcolonial conditions and seeking their changes, works of art will be presented during two evening screenings, which deal with the inclusion of communities defined by their cultural difference. This inclusion can happen either by the change of format – the camera followed by the viewer will accommodate to the environment, or by the community itself getting hold of the means of expression.

After evenings when we discussed together with philosopher Josef Fulka the Deaf as our own community, and were screening videos by the Karrabing Film Collective, this time we will focus on pictures reflecting own language and perception of those portrayed. There are two videos to be shown: Ivan Needs No TV (1997) by Ivo Deković, and Wonderland (2016) by Erkan Özgen. In the first mentioned documentary video its cameraman sets out for a night stroll with Ivan, who is born blind. Thus the documentary picture tells the story of its own essence and limitations of recordings. The other video captures a Kurd boy short of hearing, who describes his traumatic war experience with the help of gestures and sign language.

The evening will be accompanied by comments of Hynek Trojánek, a script writer and social worker, who has been depicting people with disabilities in films or film series over a long period and rendered this topic also in his Bachelor Thesis at the Protestant Theological Faculty, Charles University of Prague. Among other things he also struggles with ethical PR of the NGOs.

Videos to be screened:
Ivo Deković: Ivan braucht keinen Fernseher (1997) – screened in German with Czech subtitles
Erkan Özgen: Wonderland (2016)

Project curators: Alžběta Bačíková and Anna Remešová
Politics of Truth III. – Image of the Other
1st May – 17th June 2018