Martin Zvěřina
Thawing Lake


Date: 28.08.2015 — 20.09.2015
Beginning: 19:00

The exhibition in the usual sense means a direct presentation and installation of already completed work. However one of the main ideological points of the etc. gallery is to allow to a specific artist or artists to work with its space as based on a lab or a studio environment if you like. The term “solo exhibition” on this platform can become far more structured label, which concentrates in itself not only the process, but also a grap of the own nature of personal uncertainty and the character of an experiment. Thus things that can sometimes be considered inappropriate during a viewers meeting with a definite form of visual art. In etc. gallery Martin Zvěřina doesn´t just present something out of his current production. Multilayered form of his visual and aesthetic sentiments will here depend on the margin of the entire endurance of the installation. The result, therefore, is not an exhibition, but the artist working in the gallery space, in which he naturally swerves from his own stereotypes.

Curator: Radim Langer