Guided tour of Once Upon a Time in Planýrka exhibition

Date: 22.05.2024 — 22.05.2024
Beginning: 19:00

We cordially invite you to etc. gallery for a guided tour of Tamara Spalajković’s exhibition Once Upon a Time in Planýrka. The guided tour will be led by the artist together with the curator Nela Klajbanová.

Once Upon a Time in Planýrka is a story about multispecies coexistence on the Planýrka slope in Brno. In it, social-urban development is complemented by speculative narratives mapping anthropogenic influence and gradual changes in the landscape. The exhibition follows on from Tamara Spalajković’s artistic research Imagination as a Tool For Fairer Spatial Policies, in which she maps the development of the location over a long period of time, and among other things questions existing urban planning processes that ignore site-specific multispecies coexistence. There is no question that, as an ecological niche, the space has suffered from anthropocentric development projects; however, another story might be told – a deep history of environmental resilience. Planýrka is thus a case study of a much broader issue – the politics of urban planning, urbanization and spontaneous succession.