Filip Turek
Jenny Holzer 1989


Date: 09.10.2012 — 21.10.2012
Beginning: 19:30

At the beginning Filip Turek had a dream. Actually, it was not in the beginning, but in the middle. In his dream he saw what he couldn’t for a long time solve. A romantik would write: The unfortunate artists suffering of thousand and one doubts descended a God of sleep Hypnos who felt pity on the young man and told him about his future double – exhibition at Gallery Ferdinand Baumann and Etc. Gallery. In front of the artist a geometric pattern had appeared, in a mesh form, composed by belts and straps . Enthusiasm of a sleeping FilipTurek was even greater because in the field of abstract art he never felt confident. He only needed to sneak a picture of the realm of the unconsciousness into wakefulness. The transposition of the dream into artistic practice has a rich history associated with exceptional genius of the Renaissance masters and utilitarian internal model of the Surrealists. In the specific case of Filip Turek was not occuring a “sleep of reason produces monsters”, like the famous graphics of Francisco Goya. A parallel dreamy event is to be looked for elsewhere. The binding of the belts evokes the famous story of how a German physicist Friedrich August Kekulé von Stradonitz (1829-1896) came to the structural formula of benzene. In his dream he saw six monkeys as they were alternately holding each other by one paw, the second by another paw and the tail and while holding in this manner, they formed a connected circle. Strange behavior of the monkeys sleeping Kekulé interpreted as a double and a single bond analogous to the ties of hydrogen and carbon atoms in the molecular structure of benzene. German organic physicist saw in his dream a metaphor of “cyclic bonds ” and thus resolved the problem about which he thought long and unsuccessfully. Similarly, Filip Turek transformed in a dream visualized peace and rainbow chain and famous quotes Jenny Holzer installation. Above all, watch a genius of the normalization spanking Jiří Winter-Neprakta .

According to the dream-book: to see a monkey is a sign that one should beware of flatterers. To see monkeys playing means “stupidity is chasing you.” A silver belt is a sign of true friendship and a gold belt then of spirited love. It does not mean anything or just that a dream supports these who are well prepared.

Ondřej Chrobák