Lenka Klodová


Date: 11.04.2013 — 05.05.2013
Beginning: 19:00

A – Annotation : “Finding conventionally defined alphabetical reference line in the multidimensional space of interpersonal contacts”. Hello Lenka

B – temperamental artist . Equally , however, a human being.

C – sensitivity film is not important. Photos are digital .

D – Counseling precedes the act of photographing . The image of two in one.

E – equilibristics language in the image .

F – Photography is boundless eye. He looks at us and we answer . It almost seems that we do not know where we watch because we do not see her eyes.

G – grammar can be used as a tool for renovation of art in its consistency . Sometimes , however, it is too late.

H – Voice: interpersonal relations human too .

CH – art Errors are permitted , but not forgivable . ( Boisterous laughter could act inappropriately ) Missing ! Some letters are missing!

I- Inu art .

J -Je important number fotogtafií or pre-defined number of letters ? Who are these people ?

She rode across the Czech Republic until her restless face these coincidences led to the Polish lowlands .

K- Clown pair could warp excessive simplicity. Nicknames are aliases demaskovaného pair. But then there are also a concept is again a leaky variety of visual art. His openings are looking into the white wall.

L – Lenka Klodová is the Czech postmodern artist. Her work is linked with feminist tendencies whose US ships eventually ended in European shores for a quiet murmur of the caudal finmermaids.

M – Mermaid in the grocery store, the older performances Lenka Klodová .

N – The sequence is given notoriously vštěpovaným order of clarity .

From the letters O- lead bullets. Each pause is zaplnitelná . The name is not the beginning of a crowded silence content .

P -Projekt is generally bounded by the department . Its parameters are set in motion certainty . The story begins with a paradoxical project termination of his likeness. Boundaries are defined.

Q – Quido not here. Or is it?

R – Radim Langer succumbed alphabetical order and grabbed the gauntlet of blank lines after letters.

S- Words just barely enough.

T – Topic knows its audience . Press Release traces the contours of the exhibition .

U- Art is sometimes disguised as something other than art. As a glance upon us , the viewers , surreptitiously staring somewhere without knowing it .

V- exhibition is the medium through which you can sort or vice versa anything jumble . The exhibition is open to all regardless of nationality , age or skin color , including small branch. Dedication reveals the truth of specific names.

W – Walter B .: names, symbols and signs

X – Xerox

Y – Ypsilon is the way that the middle splits into two opposite sides.

Z- turning point will be individual opinion. Interchangeability is real.

Radim Langer