Restless Image I: Right to an Image


Date: 02.04.2019 — 05.05.2019
Beginning: 19:00

In what respects can image transform the notion of freedom of expression and what is the role of art with regard to this process? The curatorial project Right to an Image is concerned with artworks that represent a particular moment of a discontent expression. The project is grounded in a performance by Petr Štembera and Tom Marioni titled Joining (1975), during which the artists joined their bodies together with circles made of condensed milk and cocoa, and then they released hungry ants in the middle of the circles. Overcoming the feeling of restriction through intimate personal connection prompts the question of whether a bodily experience of a protest could be a more radical manifestation of discontent than its virtual representation. In response to the current means of image distribution, the curators focus on gestures that can be perceived as new articulations of a right to (an) image. The project is part of etc. gallery’s exhibition series The Restless Image. 

Curators: Lucie Rosenfeldová and Matěj Pavlík
Artists: Sadie Benning, Mariah Garnett, Tomáš Kajánek, Jan Mucska, Alma Lily Rayner, Petr Štembera

Opening hours: Friday – Sunday, 1pm – 6pm, closed during Easter (19.–21.5.).

Curators’ lesson takes place on 18 April from 7pm and on 28 April from 4pm in Czech language only.

In their lesson titled Streaming and belonging, Lucie Rosenfeldová and Matěj Pavlík present thoughts that were formative for the making of their exhibition Right to an Image. The lesson develops the key theme of the exhibition, which is the subversive potential of documentation, self-documentation and sharing of both. In relation to the possibilities of streaming and broadcasting of demonstrations on TV and online, the artists pose the question to what extent a recording or documentation can contribute to a change.