Workshop: Trans*form what is past

Date: 06.05.2023
Beginning: 11:00

Did you ever want to make a game yourself? Or are you already making games and are looking for inspiration? Trans*form what is past is a workshop centered around the lost histories of our ancestors. While we are often led to believe there simply have been no trans* people 10 years ago, no gay people 30 years ago or no notable women 60 years ago, we know this is not the case. Their histories have simply been left out of the books or never even recorded in the first place. What does it mean for us to reconnect to these ancestors and how can it shape our future? 

During the workshop you will not only learn how to operate the basics of Twine (a game making software) but also how to tell stories of your non-recorded ancestors. Using a methodology borrowed from the artist Laura Huertas Millán we will find your forgoten past, develop a backstory of your character and finally put it into a playable game.

Duration: 5 hours
Capacity: cca 10 people
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