2020 gallery programme


15. 10. – 15. 11. 2020

Imagined Community IV: Broadcasting

What would an exhibition broadcast on television look like today? Does television, which is increasingly losing its privileged position in transmitting information, still have a revolutionary potential in democratizing the distribution of art? What could the contemporary exhibition of moving image on television look like and what audience would it be intended for? In the last block of exhibitions, we will focus on the role of television in expanding the audience of contemporary video art, and thus spreading the impact of works that represent ideas about different communities.

26. 11. 2020 – 20. 12. 2020

Jiří Žák – solo exhibition

Jiří Žák (* 1989) has long been interested in the video-essay approach and critical reflection of historical events and the present. Currently he is working on an artistic research focused on the Czechoslovak arms industry since the end of the 1950s, especially on its strong trade relations with Syria in the past. Research serves as a basis for more general questions, such as the issue of Czech, or Czechoslovak identity in relation to non-European Others. The exhibition in etc. gallery will develop questions related to this research and test the author’s thinking on moving image as the medium of storytelling.