Eva Jiřička a Magdalena Kwiatkowska
Two Blind Biddies


Date: 13.11.2013 — 08.12.2013
Beginning: 18:00

Magda and Eva have decided to see the world in a different way, to learn more, without an orientation based on eyes – it is a new experience and new behavior. Perception of the surrounded world was left on the ears, touch and smell that seemed to have sharpened in the new situation … maybe there is still time for a game but it will be mainly based on examining themselves, their positions and work within the status of contemporary artists and art audiences. It is a new situation where everything is as always, in their places (gallery space , walls, light) and they are all here as always (artists, curators, “squadron”, friends ), and yet, this time different

Through a new perspective permeates the content of the exhibition – objects in space directly , sometimes indirectly connected with the characters and symbols occurring in Nursery Rhymes blind man’s buff. According to Petr Nejedlý of the Czech Language Institute, folk poetry and paintings should be read like a rhythmic poem that lost its now firmly established correspondence to the original mythological motifs, and so we can naturally be seen in their true beauty and pure poetry of images and rhymes. Eva and Magda create their own poetic environment where the worked with fragile , delicate objects, while ” nevýstavním ” installing relativize what is typical in the ” normal operation of the gallery ” – zaretušování any dirt or selecting the proper composition exhibited objects … Submitted we minimalist installation ” blind ” where you analyze for themselves the possibilities of artistic work and its limits ( free sewing eye examinations , handling delicate objects , their unexpected breakage ) . Element live action is in fact present in the exposed objects in the game with the audience and themselves at the time of opening .

Markéta Vinglerová