Tomáš Kofroň
3 Vocals


Date: 13.04.2016 — 01.05.2016
Beginning: 19:00

Singing and painted image are outwardly not connected. On the other hand, it is with the visual reality and its “elocution” as with a literary or poetic vocal. The essence lies in the language options, and finally in phonetic qualities of voice that recites chants. Although in painting any reflection of the sound changes into the interpretive metaphor, eloquence often have logical position in a static image. Whether talking about the relationship between its external features or a “ditty” of the author´s-spectator´s interpretation of the work.

Tomáš Kofroň is flamboyant painter, who reflects surpluses of visual and object-oriented world. He recycles symbols of pop culture, observes the gestures in mechanical production of images, combines opposites, and especially leaves behind every trace; does not clean or adjust. If he materializes, it is so primarily because he opposes another matters. If he aestheticizes, it’s more to dishonest aesthetization. If he reproduces, he does it out of a sheer bias.

The exhibition “3 Vocals” he conceives as a series of images with different focus. Each has a distinct origin and act. One is the mixing platform for visual experience, involvement of undermining and supportive elements (fragments on ad-canvas), second is an antipole of properties of form (transparent plastic vs. masks), third conscious flirt with acquired effect, a “manual distribution of the Universe” (ringed planet). Painter Tomáš Kofroň alienated coincidence, trying deliberateness and hopefully sets the opposite direction of possible expectations.

Radim Langer