Spontaneous films by Alice Růžičková


Date: 29.08.2018
Beginning: 19:00

As part of the summer residence of Tomáš Hlaváček, which the author has dedicated to the methodology of so-called spontaneous films, we will introduce Alice Růžičková, author of documentary and short experimental films. The central work on the screen will be a black-and-white silent poem filmed with a 16 mm camera entitled A Positive Negative (1997-8) made during a trip to Denmark with Martin Čihák and Martin Klapper to shoot their film 60 Clocks. The screening will also include a four-part 16 mm silent experiment Biostructures on the short-lived natural structures that surround us and the film [:rouge moulin:] (2002-2012), which is a love poem edited from details captured during the screening of the musical film Moulin Rouge.

The films will be loosely accompanied by debates with invited guests.