Politics of Truth IV – Re-enactment

Date: 11.09.2018 — 30.09.2018
Beginning: 19:00

The fourth chapter of the Program on documentary tendencies in the video deals with examples of staging or actors’ reenactment of events asking to be reassessed. It is about strategies used in cases when direct recording of the event appears to be insufficient or problematic, or is not possible due to the absence of archival materials. Videos will be selected from both Czech and foreign authors where this kind of reenactment is deliberately present.

In September we continue in the long-term research project of etc. galllery dedicated to documentary strategies in contemporary video. With reference to the seminal text of the artist and theorist Hito Steyerl called Politics of Truth. Documentarism in Art we ask how documentary practice can be a topical means of political activity and which ways current art finds to come to terms with its loss of credibility in representing reality.


Presented videos:

Omer Fast – Spielberg’s List (2003)

Irina Botea Bucan – Auditions for a Revolution (2006)

Avi Mograbi – Mrs. Goldstein (2006)

Mykola Ridnyi – Grey Horses (2016)