Petr Šprincl
Moravia, Beautiful Land


Date: 10.12.2015 — 10.01.2016
Beginning: 19:00

Moravia is in our hearts. Peter Šprincl is “alluvium” from Moravia (indeed, likewise the writer of this text), who still feels irresistible affection and hatred to his native land. The project, which Petr presents in etc. gallery got its name according eponymous film, which was screened among others, in this year’s competition at the Jihlava Documentary Film Festival. At the same time, the exhibition presents the first artifacts that refer to its upcoming sequel, which will combine unfortunate history of military Slovacko with occult echoes of “wild” nineties.

Petr, a recent graduate of the Brno Faculty of Fine Arts, utilized for the creation of his films circle of friends and colleagues, and the creation of low budgets of his films takes many functions simultaneously. The DIY principle of work paradoxically allows him to fully develop various mystifications that intertwine the whole of his past work as well as bald preoccupation with visual decadence.

Petr approaches the work with visual materials like Karel Vachek in the legendary film Moravian Hellas. Both films denounce weathering Moravian folklore. While Vachek´s work is already fifty years old, which surprises us with its freshness, Petr’s work irritates us with its timeless little musty. Its malicious persiflage VHS images of family celebrations, where literally time plays a role, the more uncertain the plane conscientious productions (on) a feature of the document.

Expansion of disparate views, which tests resistance of the viewer, what degree of manipulation he can absorb. Or maybe it really is an authentic collected material? Why are we looking at a little awkward theatrical presentations associated with an unpleasant grainy image- all that mystifying game isn´t that a bit to much? The film, which on above already mentioned Jihlava screening aroused negative responses to his genre „derailment“, which apparently does not take anything seriously. Shouldn´t we begin to address the real problems – to reflect our true reality?

Lets listen to the read commentary. Ms. Ivana Slabáková reads a passage from a text of distinguished religionist Mircea Eliade, and dutifully chanting the text begins to freeze us, if we realize that its author was an active supporter of Romania’s fascist Iron Guard movement and diplomat of Romanian fascist state in times of war. This pretty much tabloid remark would be totally insignificant, if the words of the country, region, etc. dangerously not appear in the ever fasciszing dictionary of foremost political leaders.

Our native soil determines us. Cheap nationhood is increasingly clamped to construct artificial myths. Artistic nonsense, which is certainly the film Moravia, beautiful country has to irritate such old-brownish masterminds of nationality with its freedom. Lets hope, in the interest of the whole society, that there will not occur moments, when such an innocent defecation to one´s own nest, with the applause of the crowd, will be not widely persecuted.

Curator: Martin Prudil