Performance soil / dirt / earth


Date: 25.06.2020
Beginning: 19:00

As part of the Imagined Community II: Sharing the Landscape programme, etc. gallery hosts a group performance titled soil / dirt / earth, that forms a part of the Prototyp studio’s  project of the same name. A publication accompanying the project will be launched during the evening. 

The project was created to be a laboratory for the cooperation of artists on a shared creative process, revolving around the reflection of soil and earth. Throughout the year 2019, the collective was meeting to gradually create a shared imaginative space, which laid the foundations for the development of both individual and collective works. In collaboration with invited theoreticians, the collective developed a pictorial map of the conducted events and the evolution of the reflections on the shared subject. 

The group performance at the etc. gallery physically transcribes the collaborative process of the collective. Each action is a demonstration of an idea in space, where it meets and coexists with others. The gallery is then becoming an analogy of the working environment, a rhizome of the creative process of the collective. The event will be streamed live by the visitors of the gallery. 

Members of the collective are Karel Kunc, Barbora Dayef, Tomáš Hrůza, Veronika Čechmánková, Nikola Brabcová, Karin Šrubařová