Earthly Survival: Monstrous Games


Date: 08.12.2022 — 18.12.2022
Beginning: 18:00

Featuring five artist-made video games, Earthly Survival is a playable exhibition and event program which aims to explore the possible worlds of digital games, looking at ways we can approach games critically. How can games work against immersion and interactivity, consciously confronting the monsters of algorithmic simulation?

Monsters – the ugly, terrible or obscene – are often that way because they transgress the categories and rules use to understand the world. The familiar order – where boundaries between human and animal, the living and the dead and, of course, the male and the female – breaks down and we are presented instead with a terror of possibilities: that things can be very different. But if the monstrous is already constrained by a necessary computational logic of games, it might be better to seek out monsters at the point of encoding, where the world is reduced to logical interactions, and the point of decoding, where the computer simulation must face the real world.


Ondřej Trhoň & Nela Pietrová
Růžoví Plameňáci
Uma Breakdown
Danielle Brathwaite-Shirley

curated by: Filip Hauer & John Hill