Cinenova: The Work We Share

Date: 19.12.2023
Beginning: 19:00

curated by: Charlotte Procter on behalf of Cinenova Working Group


Back Inside Herself – S. Pearl Sharp (USA, 1984, 4mins).

Described by S. Pearl Sharp as “a visual poem on identity”, Back Inside Herself shows a Black woman finding her own sense of self and rejecting hegemonic societal expectations of who she should be and how she should behave. 

A Prayer Before Birth – Jacqui Duckworth (UK, 1991, 20mins).

An experimental drama which confronts chronic illness with creative vitality. It chronicles the director’s own experience with multiple sclerosis to tackle questions of subjectivity, disability and desire. 

Now Pretend – L. Franklin Gilliam (USA, 1991, 10mins).

An experimental investigation into the use of race as an arbitrary signifier. Drawing on language, personal memories, and the 1959 text Black Like Me, it deals with Lacan’s “mirror stage,” ideologies of the beautiful, and the movement from object to subject. Now Pretend is a look at how totalizing definitions function for/against women of colour — a visual and sonic effort to re/collect the self. 

Loss of Heat – Noski Deville (UK, 1994, 20mins).

An evocative portrayal of queer love that challenges preconceived notions on the ‘reality’ of living with the invisible disability of epilepsy. It is a poetic, immersive interpretation exploring the interplay of the emotional and the physical, across boundaries of sexuality, dependence and desire.

The project was financially supported by the City of Prague, the State Cultural Fund, and the Ministry of Culture of the Czech Republic