Alice Nikitinová


Date: 05.09.2012 — 30.09.2012
Beginning: 18:00


If Alice Nikitinová is one of the most prominent painters the Czech art scene, it’s because of her long term and consistent highlightening and exploring the banality and the most rediculous ordinariness in its various forms. Her handwriting of primary colors and geometric shapes reveals and celebrates the aesthetics of trivial matter. It ‘s all about plenty of objects and phenomena that in everyday life disappear in the background of homogeneous mass with which we are in physical contact, nevertheless, which remains outside the stream of conscious thought and interest. The paintings  of Alice Nikitinova, with the the irony of her own, work with all sorts of household utensils, packaging PET bottles and banana boxes, she fills the area with bold colors and attracts attention. Popular themes include also leaves of the empty pages, blank books and a places that was left after the rapture of the paper. They suggest that certain negativity, emptiness and lack of topics play in the work of Alice Nikitinova a very important role .

The name of the Bratislava exhibition refers to the formal and subject themes. It suggest that although the creation of the author is tied to tradition (modernism and avant-garde), it also reffers to the present, to consumerism , communication, modern technology and mobility. It is an assembly of related properties and characteristics with the vision that if we give them together, a feeling of accomplishment hides the fact that in the future everything will just repeat again, just in a different variation. Purely modernist inclination for negativity and content reduction , suits well with the emptiness of a contemporary way of life. The celebration culminates in ambiguous ode to thoroughly autistic pastimes in which modern people spend their leisure time and work .

Tereza Stejskalová