Rudolf Sikora
About the World


Date: 10.10.2013 — 11.10.2013
Beginning: 19:00


The small exhibition of Rudolf Sikora, a Slovak conceptual artist and active observer, consists of the author’s selection from 25 original pages of his children’s book O světě/About the World. The book itself was created as part of a challenge to organize a travelling exhibition abroad called Jiná dětská kniha/Other Child Book. When Rudolf Sikora’s book About the World came into existence during the then normalization period in Czechoslovakia, it could not be publicly presented, let alone published. The only printed copy that managed to get smuggled abroad was never returned to the author.

“About the World” reflects Sikora’s cosmological and environmental contemplations and a message characteristic of his work in the seventies. The discovered scientific photographs are accompanied by his musings or direct quotations taken from the most topical scientific texts. Three of Sikora’s most prominent signs in this interconnected cycle are the following: the star – birth, the arrow – movement, the cross – death.

The exhibition is part of the Festival Fotograf 2013, BETWEEN SIGNS and the debate in Tranzit on 11.10. at 19:00 is to follow.
   Rudolf Sikora: Z idealistického zápisníka, 11. 10. 2013, 19:00