Viktorie Valocká


Date: 17.03.2012 — 15.04.2012
Beginning: 18:00

A site specific artwork is usually created for a specific space. Etc. Gallery is by its very nature, a laboratory space and with its limited size quite right for this kind of installations. Yet, the curators sometimes invite the painters to have exhibitions there and wait to see how the classic medium collides with its just fifteen square meters. I actually expected that Victoria Valocká, who is the painter, will present her new paintings (lately her work is devoted to the topic of the moon). But her contribution was completely different. Victoria has created an installation that reflects the atmosphere of the neibourhood where etc. Gallery is located. She created a poetic set of the objects gradually during the last weeks before the show. The special character of this area determined primarily by the hospital buildings with gardens, forgotten corners and strange places influenced her selection of the artifacts. The installation was based on collage: She let done some cast of the teeth in the closed by hospital in Kateřinská 32, she bought a  gleaming blue monofilament in nearby Ječná street, she discovered a magical depiction of the falcon and an iconic image of Jesus Christ in Melounova Street. The whole installation was based on her walks in this neibourhood, which the author never normally passes through. And actually, noone does go through this neibourhood usually. Katherine district is a special district, mainly for its abandoned atmoshere. New sensations often linked with the accidents, Victoria created in a gallery a collage but included also records painted directly on the walls.

Markéta Viglerová